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Experts suggest that residential energy efficiency is the single largest source of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions reductions. According to estimates by the EPA, residential efficiency can result in 550 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions reductions annually by the year 2050.

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At Fidelity Builders & Design, we recognize the importance of residential energy efficiency to meeting our national climate change goals. We understand that our clients in Southern California want to play an active role in achieving these goals. With our residential energy efficient construction services, we promote the use of green construction materials that allow you to not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save on your energy costs.

Energy Efficient Construction Services Los Angeles

A more energy efficient home creates a more comfortable interior environment that saves you money on utility costs while cutting down on greenhouse emissions. We help our clients make use of clean energy resources and guide them towards making the right decisions when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases in their home construction and renovation projects.

Our Services Include:

  • Weatherstripping and caulking
  • Repairs and replacement of doors and windows
  • Repairs and replacement of furnaces and hot water heaters
  • Attic and basement insulation
  • Replacement of old HVAC systems
  • Repairs to walls, floors, basements, and AC ducts
Energy Efficient Construction in San Fernando Valley & Los Angeles

Enjoy Better Indoor Living

With Fidelity energy efficient home construction services, we help design and build your home with features that improve your comfort and life indoors. How so? We give you an Energy Star certified home that offers more in every aspect compared to a standard home, including:

Insulation Services in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles

Higher Insulation Levels

We go the extra mile to give you superior walls and ceilings insulation beyond the requirements of the building code, giving you less temperature variation indoors

Additional Air-Sealing

Energy efficient homes are designed to meet a specific energy target, paying more attention to airtightness to provide extra comfort and energy savings. Your home will be more air-sealed than a standard home, which in turn drastically reduces drafts and cold spots, pollen, dust, vermin, and noise.

Highly Efficient HVAC System

An efficient heating and cooling system will help you save energy, which translates to greater cost savings on utility bills every year. You may also consider getting an air-exchanger, also referred to as an energy or heat recovery ventilation system, whose role is to improve the quality of indoor air by removing stale air and replacing it with fresh, filtered outdoor air.

Help the Planet

Reports suggest that an Energy Star certified home that takes every measure to conserve energy, including using Energy Star-rated doors, windows, and appliances, helps to save over 1,000 kgs of greenhouse gases that could have been released on earth every year. This is about as much emissions as driving a gasoline car for 6,000 km. Reducing your energy consumption helps to conserve the natural resources and protect the environment by minimizing emissions that contribute to climate change. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re doing everything in your power to give your children and grandchildren a chance to enjoy a healthy environment. The building code for your region defines the guidelines for your home construction and renovation. Fidelity Builders & Design can help you stay compliant while reducing your energy consumption, carbon footprint, and utility bills, and subsequently increasing your home’s comfort and value.

Energy Efficient Construction Services

Fidelity Builders & Design offers energy efficient construction services to the San Fernando Valley including Valley Village, North Hollywood, West Hills, Newbury Park, Van Nuys, Burbank, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Porter Ranch, Chatsworth.