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Fidelity Builders & Design, your premier painting company in San Fernando Valley & Los Angeles, specialize in custom interior home painting, sealing, staining, and exterior home painting for a personalized home remodeling experience.

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Interior & Exterior Home Painting in Los Angeles

A new paint job is a cost effective home improvement project that not only makes your home look better, but also function better owing to improved energy efficiency and comfort. With improved curb appeal, you can also sell your home at a higher price, and even faster than other similar homes in your neighborhood.

Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

If you are looking to spruce up your living space and improve curb appeal on a budget, then a professional paint job is the way to go. A fresh new coat of paint can rejuvenate a dull and outdated living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or garage, transforming the way your rooms look and feel. Working with a professional team like Fidelity Builders & Design guarantees that you are satisfied with the work done, including:

  • Proper prep work – removing wall hangings, moving and covering furniture, covering the floor or carpets
  • Proper caulking
  • Proper priming
  • Surface preparation and repairs
  • Proper color selection
  • Two-coat application
Painting, Interior & Exterior Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley

We work with you to choose the type of paints and colors that suit your decorating needs. And after finishing the job, we leave only after cleaning up any mess and returning everything back to its original position.

Why Work with Fidelity


A new coat of paint that is professionally applied can refresh tired walls and brighten a dark room very fast and at an affordable rate.

But choosing the wrong paint and using poor painting technique can compromise the indoor air condition, release harmful elements such as lead from previously painted surfaces, and create other unexpected hazards. Moreover, over-purchasing the required paint and storing or disposing it improperly can threaten water quality, public health, and the environment.

Working with our professional painting team at Fidelity Builders & Design ensures that you get everything right, from choosing the right kind of paint to buy for each surface to knowing the right amount for the project with minimal waste. We also help you choose the least toxic formulations available to make a healthier home.

Keep in mind that conventional paints, thinners, and paint removers often contain harmful, and even cancer-causing substances. By choosing the least toxic options and taking careful precautions, we effectively provide a safe indoor environment where the indoor air quality and personal health of the occupants is not compromised.

By simply taking the necessary safety precautions and getting rid of any unwanted waste properly, our professional team can spruce up your house, save you money, and protect the health of your family and the environment.

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Impress your neighbors, friends, and homebuyers with a fresh new look for your home, while protecting the exterior from the elements like sun, rain, wind, and pollen. As professional painting contractors in San Fernando Valley & Los Angeles, we will ensure that your painting project is done correctly and on time. Call Fidelity Builders & Design today for a quote.

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We are extremely committed to value, and we always strive to deliver the ultimate attention to detail for each project. That’s why you can count on us to take extra care of your painting project.