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A Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) system uses PV solar panels mounted on your roof or flush with the surface of your home – if you have the space – to capture sunlight and convert it to electricity.

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Solar Panel Installation in Los Angeles

If you have been considering solar energy to help to reduce your electricity bills in the long run, Fidelity Builders & Design can help you achieve that vision. We are a full-service residential design and construction company that also functions as a full-service solar energy service provider, giving you everything you need to power your home with renewable solar energy.

Custom Solar Power Systems

We realize that every home has unique power needs. Our engineering team will custom design your very own solar power system depending on your family’s electrical needs and your home’s architecture. Before you’re ready for solar power installation, we need:

  • Your home’s energy efficiency audit to determine how well you use electricity in your home and identify areas of improvement to lower your energy costs.
  • To assess the potential solar energy that your home can produce. Keep in mind that the amount of power generated is site specific, and depends on the amount of solar energy that reaches the panels, as well as the size and capacity of the solar power system. This will help to determine whether solar energy is a viable option for you.
  • Find the ideal size of the components of your PV system to ensure that it produces the required amount of power. This is particularly important if your home is not connected to the utility grid. That said, PV is modular, meaning that you can continually increase your output as the need arises.
  • To complete the necessary permits. It is important to check for “solar rights provisions” in your municipality that may limit the ability of homeowner association associations (HOA) to limit solar access or solar power system installation.

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Getting Started

If you have an old roof that is likely to need replacing in a few years, we recommend that you make the improvement before installing solar to avoid interrupting the system later on. Nearby shade trees also need to be trimmed to maximize solar energy absorption. Our professional solar power team will oversee your entire solar energy installation project. We will determine the right size for your system depending on, among other things:


  • The available sunlight at the site
  • The system’s tilt and orientation
  • The systems efficiency in converting sunlight to solar power
  • Other sources of electricity – generator, utility, etc.

Our approach enables us to efficiently manage solar power installations right from the start, through the installation, and for the lifetime of the system. We provide you with a single point of contact to assist with all your post-installation requirements for the life of your solar panel system.

At Fidelity Builders & Design, we take pride in our engineering expertise and the ability to provide our clients in San Fernando Valley & Los Angeles with a reliable and renewable source of power, thanks to our high quality residential solar power systems.

Please contact our office for further assistance on how to bring solar power to your home.

Solar Panel Installation Services

Fidelity Builders & Design offers full solar panel installation services to the San Fernando Valley including Valley Village, North Hollywood, West Hills, Newbury Park, Van Nuys, Burbank, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Porter Ranch, Chatsworth.