San Fernando Valley General Contractors

Whether you’re in the San Fernando Valley or not. When it comes to home remodeling and extensive house renovations, recruiting a general contractor (GC) can significantly impact the progress and final outcome of your home project. It allows you to avoid those stressful and chaotic situations that could possibly occur as you accomplish your project, frees you from hassle, and makes the flow of your project smooth.

Questions For A San Fernando Valley Contractor

  • Are you insured and licensed? Do you have workman’s compensation and general liability insurance? (To safeguard the workers and homeowners from troubles and undesirable events)
  • Have you got industry certifications and client recommendations? Are there any lawsuits against your company? (To assess the workmanship and the moral and ethical status of the general contractor)
  • How long have you been in the general contracting industry and do you back up your work with a warranty? (To determine their professionalism level and to be assured that evident damages or defects can be addressed even after the project is done)
  • What is the payment scheme? (To keep you informed about the down payment, billing periods, and the promptness of the general contractor to compensate its subcontractors)
  • Can you expound my project and how is it different from others that you have finished? What are the possible challenges that could occur along the way? (To evaluate the general contractor’s knowledge and competence to deal with issues and problems)

general contractor san fernando valley

Ways to Avoid Being Scammed by Contractors

The toughest general contracting scams can be prevented by ignoring contractors that propose a deal that is so pleasing but unbelievable—after all, these contractors will only utilize substandard materials, take shortcuts, or merely leave the project unfinished. If your chosen general contractor has no locally listed company number, expresses that he has extra materials from a past project that he can use for your project, only takes payment through cash, or requires you to pay the total cost of the project in advance, it would be better to look for another contractor.

Typical Rate of Regular Projects

The regular rate of a home improvement project is dependent upon the extent and type of the project, engineering and architecture services, materials used, and new appliance and electrical system installation. The rate of a construction manager alone is about $18,000, so it is best to set an appropriate budget for other services and materials included in the project. If you are in search of home improvement professionals, contact us and we will assist you in choosing reliable home contractors and service providers locally.

We, at Fidelity & Designs, pride ourselves on being professional, reliable, and affordable. We can help you design and remodel any part of your home. We are fully licensed and fully insured. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation on your renovating project at 1-877-737-5554.