San Fernando Valley Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Prices?

The average bathroom remodel costs $9,601. Most homeowners spend between $5,921 and $13,978. You can spend as little as $3,500 to $7,000 updating the essentials in a small or medium-sized bathroom.

Homeowners have several choices when it comes to bathroom remodeling, and the overall cost is dependent upon their budget and their desired design and style. In the field of home improvement, bathroom remodeling has the highest resale returns. But it does not mean that it is second rate since it will take some time for this to be finished.

Just continue reading if you want to know more about the prices of common bathroom remodeling accessories, design concepts, and factors to consider in recruiting a home contractor. If you desire to get a bathroom remodeling service that is budget-friendly, ensure that you have enough knowledge about your project before hiring a home contractor.

Costs Of Remodeling A Small Bathroom By A Contractor

It goes without saying that remodeling a small bathroom is less costly than the large one because its area is less. Therefore, only few construction materials and small-size fixtures are needed to make it look new. The labor rate will also be decreased since the work duration is not as long as large bathrooms, except when the pros encounter issues or problems as regards plumbing and electricity. But the process still includes planning, heavy lifting, and time management. Here are some of the issues or situations that you might encounter in remodeling small bathrooms:

  • Modifying the layout: If you opt to widen the area of your small bathroom, the overall cost will obviously increase. This implies that electrical wall wiring should be changed, floor area should be increased, and additional plumbing fixtures might be needed. All these things will raise the labor rate and materials.
  • Appliances and fixtures: If you plan to replace a few of your bathroom appliances and fixtures—sink, bathtub, countertop, toilet, and more—this will raise the overall cost of your project since the pros will replace the original fittings with the new ones. You can lower down the cost by refinishing the appliances or purchasing the fixtures or appliances by yourself.
  • Electrical and plumbing issues: If pros will encounter plumbing and electrical problems along the course of the project, the cost will increase. You might hire plumbing or electrical experts to check fixtures ahead of time. But there are some unexpected problems that might occur during the renovation process.

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Inspiration and Concepts of Bathroom Renovations

What is your purpose of remodeling your bathroom? Is it to innovate its functionality, color, or style? Is it the female, male, kid, or adult bathroom? You can also think about the design style: contemporary, classic, Bohemian chic, or mid-century modern. Does the design complement with the décor and style of other rooms in your home?

Does the design of your bathroom suit your lifestyle? Perhaps your lifestyle is fast paced wherein you only have a few minutes to take a shower in the morning. Probably, you prefer to indulge in a relaxing bath in a Jacuzzi tub before bedtime. Whichever is the case, it is important that your bathroom design fits with your lifestyle and taste, and your preferred design highly affects the overall cost of your project.

Consult your contractor regarding your ideas by showing magazine pictures, internet links to bathroom design concepts, and hardware store paint chips. The more ideas and concepts you share to your contractor, the easier for him to turn your bathroom into what you desire it to be.

Store-Bought Versus Custom-Built Accessories

Once you have gathered and planned ideas for your bathroom renovation project, the next thing you will do is to look for accessories that are within your budget. If your ideas do not exactly match within a type of style such as contemporary or modern, you might need to recruit a craftsman to create customized accessories such as countertop, vanity top, and mirror frame. These specific pros will charge separate prices for their crafts depending upon your materials of choice and how they are paid: by project or hourly.

However, if you desire to stay within your budget, you can opt to purchase bathroom accessories at home improvement stores. They offer a wide range of choices when it comes to accessories like lighting, vanities, sinks, toilets, and cabinets as they get their stocks directly from various manufacturers.

As might be expected, if you are not sure enough if these accessories can fit with your design and budget, you better allow your contractor to purchase these for you. Contractors can easily access bathroom accessories because they already have connections with manufacturers. This means that they could purchase items at lower costs than home improvement stores could.

the contractor agrees about the overall cost and the payment schedule. It is best to put the agreement in writing. Then, when the project is complete, the contractor is expected to provide a detailed list of the project expenses.

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