Cost to install drywall in a room in Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley

Sheetrock is defined as “a plasterboard made of gypsum layered between sheets of heavy paper”. It is also commonly known as Drywall or Wallboard. Drywall is commonly used make walls and ceilings and is a dependable material used in most modern era homes. For this cost estimate we will use a room size of 12 feet by 12 feet with a floor to ceiling distance of 8 feet. The cost to install the drywall on the walls and ceiling of the room including labor and materials is estimated at $200. To read about our professional general contractor services click here.

Cost Analysis Of Drywall Installation

los angeles drywall installerDrywall costs – approximately 600 square feet of drywall will be needed to cover the 12’ x 12’ x 8’ area. The sheets are 4’ x 8’ or 32 square feet. It is always wise to purchase a bit of extra material to cover any accidental loss so a purchase of 20 sheets (640 sq ft) at about $11 per sheet ($180 total) is recommended.

Special 1 ¼” drywall screws – With an average of $7 per pound for drywall screws (about 300 screws), and with an estimate (used by a majority of carpenters) of one pound needed for 500 sq ft of drywall, the purchase of two pounds of screws is advised for a drywall screw cost totaling $13.

Joint compound or “Mud” – Experienced drywall installers estimate the required amount of mud by taking the square footage to be covered (in our case 600 sq. ft) and dividing that figure by 7.25. The result is about 83 lbs of mud required for this job. The mud is usually sold in 45 pound pails at $14/ per pail so a mud cost of $28 is anticipated.

Specialty Tape – the tape is used to cover the joints between the drywall panels. A single roll of tape at 150 feet will suffice and the cost is only $5.50 per roll.

Labor – If a homeowner pays about $26 in total costs per sheet of drywall then he or she is getting a cheaper price according expert remodeling website. So, 50% of costs for any drywall project will be directed at the labor. The site also says that most people will pay about $31 for each sheet. It is strongly advised to consult with a contractor, go over each item in detail, determine the exact costs and demand proof of insurance from any contractor. Getting more than one quote is also advised.

Special concern

Make sure that the contractor hired for the job will provide a thorough cleanup at the conclusion of the job. Drywall can be very dusty and there will be lots of debris from unused drywall along with any mud splattered on the floors, walls and even the ceiling! This should be negotiated and discussed before any work is started.

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